Message from the Minister

Happy New Year!

I show my inner Trekkie to reveal an unanticipated joke, just as I share that life has taken an unexpected turn. Sometimes it does that, and it behooves us to not only take it in stride but to dance along. There is a line from the musical Beetlejuice that says, “We should have carpe’d way more diems. Now we’re never gonna see ’em!”

Whether we listen to the wisdom of the Roman poet, Horace: “Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero”: (Seize the day, trusting tomorrow as little as possible). Or the wisdom of Solomon in Ecclesiastes (8:15): “One has no better purpose under the sun, than to eat, drink, and to be merry…”

An opportunity has come for me to live what I feel is my true calling. For the past eight or so years, I have served as part-time minister and a full time school administrator– serving both concurrently. It has been a difficult balancing act.

I have left my position within public education to pursue full time ministry. I have accepted a call from East Shore UU Church to be their full time settled minister. And, we have arranged to continue serving both concurrently–All Souls and East Shore. There will be some differences, as I will be unable to be here with you each Sunday (I plan to continue preaching once per month).
But (without the school bell schedule and sporting events) I am able to provide more presence with pastoral care, local advocacy, and CER representation. I truly look for this to be a wonderful symbiotic scenario for both churches and further engagement with the community.

I hope 2023 finds you well and offers you more chances to seize the day to experience joy more, to engage more, and to Love more.

Peace and Happy New Year!
— Rev. Will

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