Our Historic Organ

PictureExplore the Rich Heritage of the All Souls Historic A. B. Felgemaker Organ

Capturing the essence of musical history, the All Souls historic organ traces its origins back to 1873 when it was crafted by the esteemed A. B. Felgemaker Organ Company in Erie, Pennsylvania, for a church in Pennsylvania. The organ embarked on a journey to its current home in Bellville in 1910, making its way via Lake Erie to Port Clinton and then by wagon to All Souls.

Having graced the congregation with its melodious notes for numerous years, the organ underwent a comprehensive renovation to restore it to its former glory. Through dedicated efforts, including fundraising from rummage sales, concerts, memorial gifts, and a pledge drive, the church successfully raised $30,000 for the restoration project.

The James Leek Organ Company in Oberlin, Ohio, was entrusted with the task of restoring this musical treasure. Commencing the restoration in January 2001, the process involved replacing worn leather components, thorough cleaning, and the restoration of the hand pump mechanism, dormant since 1935 when an electric blower was introduced.

Joyce Fenton, a devoted church member, meticulously repainted the intricately decorated front pipes. By the first Sunday of June 2002, the organ stood fully reassembled and ready to once again fill the church with its enchanting tunes. To maintain its optimal performance, the organ undergoes tuning every year.

The All Souls historic organ boasts a complement of 396 pipes, featuring stops such as the Open Diapson 8’, Melodia 8’, Dulciana 8’, Octave 4’, Flute D’Amour 4’, Fifteenth 2’, Bourdon 16’, and a Manual to Pedal Coupler. Immerse yourself in the rich musical legacy of All Souls through the harmonious notes of this exquisite organ.