Pledges and Giving

Our church is member-funded. Pledges of support are counted each year to create the next year’s budget. Based on the pledges made by members of the congregation, the finance staff knows how much money is available for expenses, programming, and all our loving community work.

Pledging is a practice rooted in generosity and reflects our individual commitment to support the presence and work of a UU congregation in Richland County.

What is a pledge?
A pledge tells the church how much financial support you plan to give toward the ministries of the church, and at what intervals.

How does a pledge differ from a pledge payment or donation?
A pledge specifies the amount of financial support to be given over time. A pledge payment is the actual payment that fulfills the pledge. A donation is typically an non-pledge and perhaps one-time gift.

For what time period am I pledging?
Your pledge helps us to cover a budget year, which is July through June.

Why should I pledge? Can’t I just put money in the offering plate?
Our pledge is our promise to each other of financial stewardship. The amount pledged is an important factor in determining the annual budget. Your pledge helps us plan. Now, putting money in the offertory plate is special kind of worship and generosity; those funds help us, too, and are gratefully received.

May I volunteer instead of pledging?
Our volunteer gifts and financial gifts both make this church powerful and sustainable. We depend upon both.

What if I need to change, or cannot fulfill my pledge?
Lives aren’t static. You may change your pledge any time during the year, using the same three options listed above—online, phone or pledge card. If you find your life is taking an unexpected turn, a call to the ministerial staff might be a good step, too. Whether you’re adjusting your pledge up or down, know that we will be grateful for the information, which helps us budget and manage the budget. Know that every gift is valued.



We have member pledges and weekly offertory during the services.  We accept cash or check for either of these opportunities. Please drop them in the plate during service.



We are now accepting donations via the service.  You can donate any amount via the website or app for Android or iPhone.  You can specify your donation to go towards an offering, your annual pledge, or our Coins for Kenya campaign.


All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church participates in an online platform called RaiseRight. Through the purchase of gift cards, a percentage is returned to the church. Please contact our coordinator, Jen Gibson, for more information.


When you use your Kroger Plus card, you can sign into your online account to designate All Souls as the recipient of the Community Rewards by using code “KK497”.  The church receives those donations as checks directly from Kroger.