Message from the Minister


Happy Halloween! Happy October. I am excited for pumpkins and falling leaves, frost and foggy mornings. A cool fall morning, flannel shirt, a fire, some coffee… I think I need that.

With these fall times, Halloween—this is the time when the veil of reality thins and we can expect the hereafter and the here-and now to become close to one another. I’ve been talking with others about the Spirit of Expectancy—within this notion that we live in a veiled reality: We live in a reality where Beloved Community is real and tangible now and those who behave as if we don’t are acting outside of the norm, the actual reality; we are to live, breathe and act as if Beloved Community is here.

The poet Rumi once wrote, “Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.”

Enjoy your pumpkin spice, friends, lovers, and bring the change we need in this world. Love whole-heartedly. Find solace in a moment. Find others to keep the faith, to fan your flames. Usher in the beloved community!

Happy Halloween!
— Rev. Will

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