Message From The Minister


There is so much to be thankful. And, there is so much work to do. Colder weather is settling in. It is time to prepare for winter. Let us remember each other as we prepare. There is an opportunity here to help our friends and neighbors. Let’s remember to help each other. Sometimes that is physically splitting and stacking wood for someone on the mend, or sometimes it is making a pot of soup and dropping it off to someone you haven’t seen in a while. It could be letters or emails, or phone calls.

In our racial justice RE, we have learned that perfectionism can be a piece of white supremacy culture. Perfectionism and making everything fit into boxes or explanations get in the way of shared experiences. Our shared experiences open us up to our principles. Wherever your conscience takes you, I pray voter turnout is substantially higher than our usual 33%.

While we rush around, bemoaning the coming winter, and the scarcity that seems to follow: Please remember community. There are too many of us that don’t quite have enough food to eat or warm clothes to wear. There are too many struggling to make ends meet. There are too many of us that are lonely, seeking something bigger.

Whatever is waiting for us, each step can be for Beloved Community. Let’s use fall as a vehicle for change. Let’s pay our gratitude forward by making choices that help individuals, families and groups. Deeds not creeds. Let’s help!

In Peace,

–Rev. Will

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