2018-07-01: “You Can Make a Difference”

Have you ever wondered if you can make a difference?  The problems of the world are so vast, how can you possibly hope to solve them?  Hunder is all around us – with needs that are so great and tasks that seem overwhelming, where do you begin? As the founder of the Matthew 25 Outreach Center, Jeff Wright has extensive experience in business as well as years of experience working in hunger-related endeavors across the state.  He has the sincere heart an mind of Christ and keeps his focus clearly on seeking God’s call and direction in his life.  Beyond being the visionary leader, he and his wife, Stacy, enjoy  being in the trenches serving as the hands and feet of Jesus. Matthew 25 Outreach Center feeds the hungry in North Central Ohio, with the help of 350 volunteers from more than 35 area churches, schools, and civic organizations; each month we distribute 30,000 pounds of fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables to 1,500 hungry people.  Monthly food distributions give area churches, schools, and places of work a safe place to volunteer, make new friends, and make a difference in the community.  Nutritious food is the gateway to building relationships with our guests, as we open hearts, learn about heartaches, and deliver the love of God.

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