All Souls web site (finally)

First, an introduction: I am Reed Richmond and I have been serving for three years as president (the lower case “p” is intentional) of the Board at All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church. One of my duties was to create a new web page for the church. Although we have an active Facebook page, people often find out about us initially by doing a web page search.

The history of All Souls web pages is varied. The original web page was created by a computer programer by the name of Bill Millikin who also served as Board president. That page existed under several URL names (BellvilleAllSoulsUUChurch and AllSoulsUUChurchBellville for example). The web page duties were then taken over by Adam Johnston and became That page, unfortunately, was hijacked by a scoundrel company that steals website names and then offers the name back to you for a price (AllSoulsOhio still exists as a WordPress blog here:

When Adam and his family (and, oh BTW, Teresa set up our thriving Facebook account and g-mail system) moved further away and could no longer attend, the web page remained dormant, with me insisting that I would get around to it. I suffered a technical glitch in getting this started and then a personal (health) glitch.

So here it is, name officially registered with GoDaddy as Because there are several All Souls across the country, and were already claimed. So we stuck Ohio in there so you would know where to find us.

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