Message From The Minister


I want to say something clear and direct: we are connected. Our seventh principle is clearly visible; our principles are alive and well, spreading like microbial fungus, sharing resources and gifts of hope, faith, and Love.

I know sometimes it is hard to see the connections, like the mycelium on the forest floor sharing glucose from a maple to an oak. I have received post cards, checking in on me, offering me a little shot of hope at a time when it is truly needed. I see some of you at the Pride Rally, at the Black Lives Matter events, delivering food at Senior High (through Matthew 25 Pantry)—each of these live our Faith—breathing life in the lungs of our church. And, when I talk to you in phone calls, emails, through Facebook and FaceTime, and when I see our services I feel the love of our church, I experience again the warmth of our embraces, and the joy of our laughter together.

There are a great many things happening right now. I’ve been struggling with the notions of where to place my faith, especially when the systems I’ve placed them seem to be disposed, dispossessed, and displaced. I am left with the notions of connection: The joyous post of a grandmother and her grandbabies, the hard phone call from a friend needing a shoulder to carry burden, the feeling of dirt between my toes, the light of a campfire and the embers.

Perhaps I’ve read just enough Mary Oliver to force my eye toward nature. It is what I’ve needed. I cannot say what is to come. But I know the sun will come up. I know my absurd-optimism is nestled right next to the despair in my shirt pocket (I’ve been reading just enough Camus and Kierkegaard, too).

And, I’d like to encourage you to reach out with postcards. (Thank you for starting this ministry.) It is amazing how much more lovely the hand-written word is. Perhaps write a letter? Emails and texts work, too.

Peace in all of Its forms and beauty be with you!

— Rev. Will

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